Document RDS environment

I manage a RDS remote app environment and wanted to have a way to document this automatically. This way it’s easy to create up-to-date information on all remote apps and also on the servers in the environment, connection broker settings, gateway configuration, collection summary, roles and servers etc.

Based upon Carl Webster’s VMWare documentation script, I decided to create this script.

The script allows for 3 different export types, HTML, Word, PDF. It will document all RDS related settings, like: Gateway configuration, Connection Broker information, Collection information, Roles and services and a list of all (published) applications. It will generate an export like this:

If you use word or PDF as export type, you can also select a cover page, so a report will look a lot nicer (but will also take a lot longer), but you do need MS Word installed on the system you’re running the script on. It might look like this

You can see more examples (html, word and pdf) here (zip file).

If you want to download the script, that can be found here.


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